Gillie and Marc 2016 Pinot Grigio, Victoria

Vivacious Engaging Refreshing

    • Citrus and tropical aromas. Easily appreciated with hints of melon and pineapple and a dry, crisp finish.

      13% Alcohol, 7.7 Standard drinks.

      **Bottled with 3 Different Labels, you may receive a different combination of any pictured labels**
      **Orders are shipped in 6 bottle cases. You can mix and match any bottles to make up your case order**
    • Victoria.

      Piangil Estate, situated in Victoria’s North West, is naturally blessed with generous irrigation offered by the Murray River. The Murray river system is the world’s third longest navigable river in the world behind the Nile and Amazon. Click here to learn more.
    • Gillie and Marc first met on a film shoot in Hong Kong over 25 years ago. They spent that night talking for hours about art and travel. It quickly became apparent they had both been leading unhappy lives. Seven days later, the artists were married in the foothills of Mount Everest. After swapping wedding vows, the artists also made another promise to one another – they would always follow their hearts and live a life full of art, travel and happiness!

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      Gillie and Marc Wine Collection Pinot Grigio Artwork

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