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Gillie and Marc Wine - Contemporary Wine Art Collaboration


If you love art and enjoy wine then you will love the Gillie & Marc Wine Collection.

Founded in 2016 our pursuit of happiness was to create a wine brand that celebrated the joys of life as well as, of course, tasting amazing. 

We were wine drinkers first and foremost, and like most wine drinkers were overwhelmed by the sheer number of wine choices.

Most wines looked the same and didn't excite us...how many wine labels can possibly be "Chateau this or that"?!

We were always searching for a wine that was beautiful, unique and something we would be happy to drink at home and proud to take to a dinner party. When we could not find one we decided to CREATE one.

Through an incredible partnership with Gillie & Marc Schattner, we have been able to create an incredibly unique wine brand, that focuses on the beauty and joy of "togetherness" using the love story and adventures of Dogman and Rabbitgirl.

Gillie and Marc lovingly created Dogman and Rabbitgirl, whose story is one of togetherness. To value "Togetherness", is to value being close to one another, to animals, to all earthly things, and all of life’s simple pleasures, while being free to pursue joy and live life in a way that makes you happy. That is The Pursuit of Happiness.

We tell our story through the amazing ART we feature on our wine.

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