Champagne, France

Gillie and Marc Wine Collection Champagne

Champagne is synonymous with romance, celebrations, and of course, togetherness!

The Champagne region has a history of vine-growing that dates back to the dawn of Christianity, with Champagne’s vineyard boundaries being defined by France’s appellation system.

One of Europe most northerly wine regions, with a cooler climate and hillside vineyards, the Champagne terroir is one of a kind – As original as the wine it produces!

The vineyards in Champagne are situated on deep chalk soils. The chalky soil acts as a natural moisture regulator, provide good drainage and reflects the sunlight and heat; contributing to the lightness and finesse of the Champagne.

Strict controls are placed upon Champagne houses and growers alike, which include; where, and how many vines can be planted, how the vines must be tendered, when they can be harvested, how much juice can be extracted from the fruit; and other requirements for winemaking, and secondary bottle fermentation processes that is known as Méthode Champenoise.

These controls ensure the unparalleled quality of Champagne.

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