The Vignerons & Winemakers

Gillie and Marc Wine Collection Vignerons and winemakers


Having toiled in all facets of vineyard and winery operations for more than a decade in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, Emily brings a wealth of new world winemaking experience, passion and contemporary flair to the Gillie and Marc Wine Collection. Emily is a passionate winemaker and admirer of wines the world over, she travels great distances in her quest to taste and appreciate the subtleties of wines offered by many regions and producers alike. Emily brings that experience and passion to the Gillie and Marc Wine Collection each and every day.



Time honoured traditions begin at home. Frank hails from a distinguished line of farmers, vintners and primary producers turned winemakers. A key ingredient of quality is time and Frank and his family have tended vines, and made wine for more than 60 years. There is no method or style of wine or winemaking not known or contemplated: and while history and tradition serve him well, Frank is as contemporary as he is rooted in tradition when it comes to bringing a unique style to the Gillie and Marc Wine Collection.



With a Degree in Oenology from Adelaide University, David has worked his way from a cellar hand to senior winemaker with extensive knowledge and experience across South Australia and Victorian wine regions and varietals. David guest judges wine in region competitions and his ratings and reviews are often published and marketed. David has won critical acclaim and been awarded for his contemporary varietals and style of wines by none other than James Halliday. David has had a hand in or overseen much of the Gillie and Marc Wine Collection’s 2016 Release and is hard at work in the vineyard ahead of the 2017 vintage.



Christian is a proud vigneron (winegrower) and winemaker from Champagne, France and now is the patriarch of what is three generations of vignerons and winemakers in Champagne, France. Christian is a Récoltant manipulant. A grower who makes Champagne from grapes exclusively sourced from their own vineyards and processed on their own premises.

Christian’s father was just boy when Allied Forces liberated Champagne from German Occupation, which was around the same time the Comité de Champagne, a trade association, was formed to represent the interests of independent Champagne producers (vignerons) and Champagne Houses. Its mandate is to promote the vines and wines of Champagne. Christian’s father sealed the families fate by becoming a negociant, and later acquiring vineyards in Champagne. 

Christian has since planted and nurtured his estate vines for more than 30 years and built a modern winery while still paying homage to ‘old world’ winemaking.



Following the fortuitous decision by his family, more than 35 years ago, to acquire a 40 Acre vineyard along the productive, picturesque, and quintessentially Australian Murray River, in Victoria’s esteemed North Western wine region, Andrew set upon becoming a winemaker and attended Australia’s premier winemaking school, Roseworthy College.

Choosing to hone his craft alongside the greats in the vineyards and wineries in South Australia and Victoria, Andrew later returned to the family estate where the original vines are still producing wines of award-winning quality. Andrew’s stewardship of the Estate saw the addition of a world-class winery and addition plantings of more than 1000 Acres over the ensuing years.


The exceptional quality and contemporary style of the Gillie and Marc Wine Collection is a testament to the individual growers and winemakers who have poured their passion into every bottle in the pursuit of happiness.